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There are two types of lenses. Rigid (or gas permeable lenses), and soft lenses.

Rigid lenses generally give good eyesight correction and are considered the most ‘healthy’ for your eyes. However, they are considered the least comfortable as you have to ‘build up’ your wearing time. This is due to the eyelid margins initially feeling some irritation during blinking and need to be desensitized. Once you have built up your wearing time they feel comfortable, but you have to maintain it by wearing the lenses regularly. ie wearing them most days of the week. Rigid lenses are kept until you lose or damage them, or your prescription changes. You have to maintain them with various solutions to keep them hygienic and free from protein and calcium deposits.

Lens purchase varies according to make and model between £140 and £300. Solution purchases vary between £6 and £10 per month and are available from supermarkets, opticians and chemists.

Soft lenses fall into several sub categories. Firstly, they are either disposable or ‘standard’ lenses.  Standard lenses are like rigid lenses. You buy one pair and keep them until damaged or lost, or your prescription changes. In truth, not many of these lenses are available any more as manufacturers have discontinued their production because of health concerns. There are still a few specialist lenses available and they range in price from £140 to £240. Monthly solution costs are the same as rigid lenses.

Most people tend to go for the disposable soft lenses. They are comfortable, practical and healthy. These fall into the category of daily wear monthly disposable, continuous wear monthly disposable and daily disposable.

Daily wear monthly disposable are worn during waking hours and removed and stored in solution during sleep. After a month they are thrown away. The cost of these are between £16 and  £42 per month, including all solutions. The more expensive ones are specialist lenses for people who have astigmatism or require varifocal lenses etc.

Continuous wear monthly disposable lenses are worn during wake and sleep (never removed from the eye). After one month they are taken out and thrown away. The cost is usually between £30 to £40 per month.

Daily disposable lenses are worn for a day then removed and thrown away. Occasional wearers and sports people like these as they have the freedom of wearing them when it suits. They cost between £0.90 to £1.50 per pair (bought in packs of 30 pairs). These are useful lenses to start with because if you damage a lens due to being a novice at handling your lenses, you have only spoilt a days worth of wearing.

Consultation costs for being fitted for contact lenses varies according to whether you have worn them before or not. Usually between £44 & £66.

Checkups for contact lenses are more regular than sight tests due to the nature of the lenses. Soft lenses are like a very fine sponge latticework which can harbor bacteria while rigid lenses can harbor bacteria on surface protein buildup. Most obviously, all types of contact lenses sit on the cornea.

Problems that can arise form this direct contact on the eye are erosion (causing ulcers), hypoxia (causing vascular growth or corneal oedema), infections and reactive irritation. The prescription powers of the lenses, shape and health of the eye, tear fluid consistency and periods of wear, will determine the intervals between checkups.
Checkups may be charged for or incorporated in the cost, depending on supply options.

Many companies will offer a Free trial for trying contact lenses but this is if you sign up to buying a years worth of contact lenses. In our experience first time wearers may not want to wear contact lenses all the time or be locked into buying a years supply when they have no experience of wearing contact lenses. This is why we charge for the consultation rather than recuperating the charges within the sale of the lenses.

Many companies also tend to only use one manufacturer for the supply of lenses which restricts what is available. At Liage we feel that this can compromise the health or fitting integrity of the lens choice. This is why we can supply any lens from any manufacture, ensuring the optimum fit and health for your eyes.

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