Spectacle Repairs & Glasses Repairs Bridgnorth
by Liage Opticians

Spectacle frame and lens repairs are something most opticians don’t bother doing any more. However, we know that some people just love their current specs and want to save them when they are damaged. This is why we give a comprehensive repair service. Damaged metal frames can be soldered back together and titanium frames can have weld repairs. We can also have parts made for plastic frames or have new joints injected or pinned into place. More often than not the repair will have greater integrity than the original part. Heat used in the process of repairing metal or titanium frames can discolour them, but we recolour them as close as possible to the original.
We can also have your plastic frames recreated to a close match if required.

Some repairs are undertaken by third party companies and may take a while to be completed.

Lens repairs invariably mean replacing one or both lenses. This can be problematic for the optician if you did not originally buy the spectacles from them. At Liage we have accounts with all lens suppliers so we can always get the lens you need to match the original.

Some people can’t bare to change their spectacles. They feel they are part of their persona and don’t want to change them. Whether they are rimless, plastic or metal, at Liage we can supply new lenses to your own frame if that is your wish. Obviously we require your specs at some point to ‘glaze’ the new lenses into them. However, as we ‘glaze’ the spectacles on-site, you can usually keep your cherished specs until we have the lenses. You then only need to leave them with us for an hour or so. Rimless spectacles do take considerably longer however.

Glazing of spectacles takes place on our premises in order to control the quality and aesthetic finish of the product. We feel this is extremely important and pride ourselves on this high quality control.

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